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We have been working for two years on a project we cannot wait to share with all of you!

We have set out to make a Christmas CD unlike any other around! For many of us, our Christmas memories include attending a midnight service or mass. Most of us were way to young to be up that last and would fall asleep during the liturgy; but it was a family event. 

That memory is where we began our project. We have recorded an entire liturgy! Complete with readings, a psalm, a complete setting of the sung mass parts, and unique song selection, "Mass At Midnight" will truly be an experience, not just a Christmas song collection. 


The style of the songs range from quiet and reflective to "get up and dance" joy!

From beginning to end, we have tried to put together a project that the listener will not only love, but be able to sing with & pray with.

This entire project came from our hearts and our hands to you. 

- Adam, Edel & Rocky.